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MiSolar’s story started in 2016 when a homeowner in Javea received an unexpected bill for €2,200. It was a month’s water bill and the homeowner wasn’t even in Javea at the time! 

He complained on social media and got 200 replies with others complaining of €7,000 monthly bills all from undetected water leaks. With a background in engineering we set up MiAgua in 2016 and installed smart devices that detected water leaks instantly – and saved homeowners €1,000s upon €1,000s. 

Then clients began asking us: “Can you cut our electricity bills too?” 

The problem was Spain only repealed the ‘sun tax’ in 2019. It wasn’t clear how the feed-in tariffs would work. But with the price of solar panels falling the revolutionary ‘virtual battery’ entering the market and a climate emergency we started installing solar panels in 2021. 

Our ethos is ‘making solar simple’.

More than just installing solar panels… we want to slash your electricity bills while helping you build an incredible quality of life at home. That’s why we offer a range of additional solar-powered and intelligent solutions to help you heat your pool, heat your water, heat and cool your home, charge your electric car and so much more.

We’re also one of the only solar energy companies in the Costa Blanca who provide a break even estimation with every quote. Solar installations are not cheap. And that’s why we aim to help you make the smartest decision with all the facts in front of you.

We hope you’ll join us in making Alicante, the sunniest place in Europe, the solar leader it’s supposed to be!

Why choose MiSolar as your solar installer in javea?

MiSolar regularly receives phone calls from desperate homeowners who’ve been let down by their solar installer.

You don’t have to be one of them.

Even if you already have a number of solar installation quotes on the table, here’s why you should get one from MiSolar today.

Certified Electricians

Certified electricians who apply for solar grants and register your system with the authorities for tax reductions and incentives

Cost savings

10-year warranties on solar panels

Experienced Technicians

Experienced solar technicians who install equipment while keeping your roof and home electrics safe

After-Sales Support

After-care services to fix any issues and switch you to a better feed-in tariff or virtual battery

Our team

Your Solar Installer in Javea

MiSolar has a team of 8 in-house technicians as well as a certified electrician who completes all legal work on your behalf.

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