Solar Pool Heater

MiSolar installing a solar pool heater at a property in Alicante, Spain

Your Solar Pool Heater Installation with MiSolar

Looking for a solar pool heater?

MiSolar is one of the leading solar panel installers on the Costa Blanca in Spain.

We consult with homeowners and install solar pool heaters along with a solar panel installation.

For a long time thermal solar panels were the go-to solution to heat your swimming pool with solar.

But we now recommend PV solar with an air source heat pump specifically designed for high-efficiency pool heating.

The advantages of PV solar over thermal solar are:

  1. You can extend the swimming season all year if you wish (with thermal solar you will only get warm pool water from May-October)
  2. Your solar panels can power your pool pump as well as your pool heater (with thermal solar you generate no electricity and will need to pay to run your pumps)
  3. PV solar can power your whole house and so the system will end up paying for itself (with thermal solar you get no savings on your current bills)
  4. PV solar takes up less roof or garden space (thermal solar can take up a lot of space and the piping can be unattractive to look at)
  5. PV solar requires little maintenance and lasts for 25 years before needing replacements (thermal solar is notoriously prone to leaks and needs costly repairs every 3-5 years)

Get a solar installation quote with us today and get our advice on the best solar pool heating set-up for your needs.

5 Reasons to Get a Solar Installation Quote from MiSolar

MiSolar regularly receives phone calls from desperate homeowners who’ve been let down by their solar installer.

You don’t have to be one of them.

Even if you already have a number of solar installation quotes on the table, here’s why you should get one from MiSolar today.


high-output solar panels

We install 550w solar panels, the highest output on the market. This directly affects the amount of space you’ll need on your roof, pergola or car port or in your garden.

With MiSolar you get maximum savings with minimum space.


experienced solar technicians

MiSolar has had 0 instances of collapsed roofs, we repair any broken tiles and we install cabling so discrete you barely notice we’ve been. We’re the only solar installer in Javea and surrounding with a 5.0 star rating on Google Reviews.

With MiSolar you get a quick and clean installation.


Our in-house team of 8 solar technicians will not disappear after the installation. We’ll always be at our office in Javea and we’ll always be a short drive to your house for any after-sales questions and support. Most homeowners have no idea they’re about to get an installation from a team they’ll never get to speak to again.

With MiSolar any issues you have are solved fast.


We always request a site visit before sending a final quote. This means our quote is optimised for your needs, your property’s orientation, installation space and future scaling requirements. If you have a quote from an installer who hasn’t even visited your home there’s no way of knowing it will live up to expectations. We’re often asked to install extra panels or solar-powered appliances from someone who’d need to replace half their system or risk their solar inverter clipping.

With MiSolar you get a quote that promises the system you want.


We get asked every month to switch an existing solar panel user over to a better feed-in tariff or virtual battery. Many times they’ve gone for over a year paying €15-50 more than necessary to their electricity provider. Their installer never told them and offered zero after-sales support.

With MiSolar you’ll be ready to cut your bills towards €0 within 1-6 weeks after the installation.


Clients Who Chose MiSolar

MiSolar is one of few solar panel installers to have a 5.0 star rating on Google and Facebook Reviews.

Nick de Bois


Very pleased with the installation of solar panels – Phil and his time met their promise and stuck to their timeline and budget.

The added value was in the advice before proceeding, resulting in a very good solution for the location of the panels. We have had a good level of response to any follow-up matters and queries.

As for ROI, early signs are that this investment is a good one. But I will wait for at least a year of new costs from electricity supplier so I can measure savings accurately..

From our point of view we are very pleased with the project and delivery team.

Chris Smith


We have just used Misolar to install a new Solar system in Feb 2022.
Right from the initial meeting with Phil, everything went very smoothly.
The installation team arrived early, finished on time and were a fantastic crew.
Phil’s totally on the ball, knows his stuff and very helpful.
It’s so nice to run the pool pump, Aircon etc without worrying about the bill and watching your investment repay itself.
Thank you.

Catherine Mayne


Great Service.

From our first presentation on how our needs could be met to completion of the project.

Phil,Sebastian and all the team were very professional but friendly, kept us updated regularly on the progress of our installation.

The work was carried out to a very high standard, you would have never known that the work had been carried out.

Would highly recommend.

Neil Roden


We were happy with the service from MiSolar.

They were competitive on price and are very responsive to customer needs.

They were easy to deal with and the installation was a very smooth process. Highly recommend .

Alan Turpin


Very satisfied with the total package, from initial meeting through to quotations, Q and A’s, and installation. The whole team very personable , cooperative and knowledgeable about the subject.
Installation was smooth, efficient and completed with care and attention to a high standard.

Very happy we selected Mi Solar😃
Thanks to the whole team.

Karen Karman


Excellent service – installation very quick & professional.

Now my electricity bills this winter have been reduced to a third!

Not only is it it saving money – it’s good for the environment too 🙏

Bev Young


Amazing service from start to finish ⭐️.
Panels installed very sympathetically and all wiring discreetly placed.
Highly recommend Phil and his team, pleasure to deal with.

Hassan Blal


Thanks to Phil, Sebastian, Steve, Carlos, Ian, Rinko, Victor at Mi Solar. 16 solar panels.
They done a sterling job, thinking equally of the aesthetic and the final look of the project.
They solved all additional electrical issues with ease and confidence.
I would recommend them to anyone looking to put solar panels in they house or business . Hassan 👍

Howard Tombs


We had ten panels fitted from the word go was great job.
We hit a few problems but nothing was a problem to these guys in the end the job worked out better than I ever anticipated.
Credit to all the staff.
Best Regards
Howard Tombs

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For an accurate estimation please have your latest electricity bill to hand before filling out the quote form.