home solar panel installation

We install high-output solar panels to give you maximum savings with minimum installation space.

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solar battery

We install solar batteries that power your high-output appliances or off-grid home and maximise your energy self-sufficiency.

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pool heater

We install high-efficiency pool heaters to extend your swim season from April-November (while you pay lower bills than before going solar).

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air source heat pumps

We install high-efficiency heat pumps so you can keep your home warm all winter and cut your gas bill to €0.

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electric vehicle charger

We install solar-powered electric vehicle chargers so you can drive your EV on your own sunshine.

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solar underfloor heating

We install solar-powered underfloor heating so you can experience incredible comfort at home (while you pay lower bills than before going solar).

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variable speed pool pump

We install variable speed pool pumps so you can run your pool filtration for longer without consuming more power.

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electric hot water cylinder

We install electric hot water cylinders so you can cut your gas bill to €0 without needing extra thermal solar panels.

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virtual battery

We switch clients to the new ‘virtual battery’ feed-in tariff so you can cut your electricity bill to €0 (and even earn credit).

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aerothermal Systems

We install solar-powered aerothermal systems so you can heat your radiators or solar-powered underfloor heating while cutting your gas bill to €0.

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high-efficiency air conditioning

We install high-efficiency air conditioning units to help you heat and cool your home using as little power as possible.

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Our ethos

misolar – making solar simple

Certified Electricians

Certified electricians who apply for solar grants and register your system with the authorities for tax reductions and incentives


10-year warranties on solar panels

experienced technicians

Experienced solar technicians who install equipment while keeping your roof and home electrics safe

After-Sales Support

After-care services to fix any issues and switch you to a better feed-in tariff or virtual battery