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How can this home in Javea earn €8 credit each month from their electricity provider?

electricity bill from a solar panel installation in spain

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MiSolar answers: how to get €0 bills with a solar panel installation in Spain

Many people ask us if it’s really possible to get an electricity bill for €0?

The answer is ‘YES’.

But… it’s important to explain the steps to get there.

And it does not mean a bigger financial investment.

First let’s look at the feed-in tariff.

Solar feed-in tariffs in Spain

Comparison between feed-in tariff and virtual battery deal in Spain

A new law on solar energy was published in April 2019 in Spain.

The new rule was this…

Excess electricity (in kWh) you send to the grid should accumulate as credit and be discounted from your bill at the end of the month.

You should be ‘paid’ for the electricity you produce but don’t consume.

This is called a ‘feed-in tariff’ and the two most important figures in a contract are:

  • The price you pay for energy from the grid (in 2022 this reached a high of €0.40 per kWh)
  • The price you are ‘paid’ for energy given to the grid (between €0.05 – €0.18 per kWh)


NOTE: With a feed-in tariff you still pay a standing charge.

You can see the bill of a solar panel user who paid €27.79 in standing charges per month… even if they consumed 0 electricity from the grid.

MiSolar used to install solar panel systems that cut a your electricity bill down to the standing charge of €15-50.

But… we heard complaints from homeowners selling a lot of electricity to the grid and never getting close to €0 bills.

There was nothing we could do…

Until a new kind of feed-in tariff hit the Spanish market in 2023.

This new feed-in tariff is called a ‘virtual battery’

The man who started a campaign for the virtual battery in Spain in 2023

In 2022 the engineer and renewable energy campaigner Jorge Morales de Labra led a high-profile campaign to change the law in Spain.

He argued that if homeowners can’t pay €0 per month with electricity… Spain would never hit ambitious renewable energy targets.

The campaign was a success.

By January 2023 more than 10,000 homes had signed up to the new ‘virtual battery’…. and after a record-breaking year for solar installations Spain became the most-solar powered nation in the world.

Photovoltaic solar powers at least 19.1% of Spain’s electricity consumption in 2023 – the most of any nation.

But what is the virtual battery?

How does it work?

Here are the three most important features:

  • Use the grid as a ‘battery’. You can now ‘sell’ electricity to the grid and accumulate credit in your account – crucially this credit is not reset to 0 each month but is carried over for months and even years.
  • A better rate. Virtual battery supplies tend to be small startups who credit the kWh you sell to the grid at a better price than large electricity companies.
  • No more standing charges. Finally, the solar electricity you sell to the grid can cut any standing charges in your contract down to €0. 

28 feed-in tariffs and 8 virtual battery deals on the market… which one is best?

Virtual batteries are game-changing:

  • Thousands of homeowners who don’t live full-time in Spain can get their bills to €0 when they’re not at home – and use extra credit to keep bills down when they are.
  • Homeowners who rent their properties can reduce electricity bills and increase monthly profit margins.
  • Homeowners who live in Spain full-time can get their bills to €0 even while powering multiple AC units, home appliances and even luxuries like a pool heater, underfloor heating and an electric car charger.


But the image above from Spain’s leading consumer organisation (OCU) proves an important point.

Here’s the thing.

With the worst of 28 feed-in tariffs on the market a property with average consumption habits could pay €505 on electricity bills in a whole year.

Only 3 feed-in tariffs with the virtual battery included would let this property pay €0 the whole year.

MiSolar is proud to work with one of these three electricity providers.

This makes MiSolar one of few solar energy companies in Spain who can install solar panels and your property and connect you to the best feed-in tariff within 1-5 weeks.

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MiSolar – helping homes and business get their bills to €0 with solar panels in Spain

MiSolar solar energy company Spain

You might be wondering if it’s worth installing solar panels on your property in Spain.

If you’ve looked at feed-in tariffs you might have felt cheated that you’re credited less than half the price you’re charged for energy.

But playing close to €0 each year for electricity is now a reality…

And we find this allows our clients to break even on their installations within just 3-5 years.

But that’s not all.

When you can get your bills to €0 you start consuming more electricity than before as you:

  • Run your AC for longer in summer
  • Run your swimming pool pump for longer or even install a high efficiency pool heater
  • Run appliances you would never have dreamed of like your own electric car charger or solar-powered underfloor heating


This is why we say that solar is just the beginning of a brand-new quality of life for you and your family.

We hope this helps you to understand better the amazing world of solar.

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Maybe more!

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But if you believe that solar really could improve your quality of life… there’s no better time to go solar.

On 31st December 2023 EU solar grants will end.

The system you saw in this photograph would be eligible to receive up to €4,500 in grants plus €100s more in property tax reductions and income tax rebates.

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