Solar Break Even Calculator

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Could You Break Even on a Solar Panel Installation in just 3-5 Years?

Are you worried about the rising cost of energy?

Then solar panels are one of the best investments you can make in 2023.

It’s finally become possible with the ‘virtual battery’ to cut your electricity bills to €0 by selling your own solar electricity to the national grid in Spain.

With the right system, the right installation and the right electricity provider we’ve had clients even earn credit each month.

Want to see how quickly you could break even with €0 bills?

Want to see how much you could save in the next 10 years after breaking even?

Use the Break Even Calculator below to get an instant result like the one below.

Solar Break Even Calculator ↓


How to Use the Solar Break Even Calculator

How long does the calculator take?

There are 4 steps which should take no more than 1-3 minutes to answer.

The result is generated instantly.

What do I need to use the calculator?

You need a copy of your latest electricity bill in Spain to hand.

The Solar Break Even Calculator asks for your electricity consumption (in kWh) and bill amount (€).

This is calculate your current electricity costs (€/kWh) and produce a break even estimation result.

You will need a bill from the last 6 months.

What if my electricity consumption is low?

The calculator does not work for properties consuming under 300 kWh per month – or paying under €50-60.

This is because the break even or payback period is significantly longer.

The Solar Break Even Calculator is ideal for properties paying more than €100-150 per month in electricity bills.

What if my my property is a new-build or new home?

The Solar Break Even Calculator uses your existing electricity consumption to calculate your break even.

It will not work if you have no electricity bill yet in your property.

If you wish you can get a quote instead.

Click here to get a Solar Installation Quote.

Do I need to give my contact information?

You need to provide a valid email address.

The calculator sends a result to your email for you to keep.

After completing the calculator you have the option to request an installation quote.

Quotes are optional.

If you accept, you will need to provide a telephone number.

If you decline, none of your data is retained by this website.

How accurate is the Solar Break Even Calculator?

The Solar Break Even Calculator is the most accurate solar calculator in Spain.

This is because:

  • It uses localised climate data to estimate the system size you need (in kW)
  • It uses recent quotes in your area to estimate the break even for systems of the same size
  • It provides two break even results: based on your electricity savings alone and based on your electricity savings + government incentives factored in
  • It estimates your annual savings based on your current electricity costs (€/kWh) with your current provider
  • It accounts for extra solar panels necessary to sell electricity to the grid and reduce your bill to €0 per month – allowing maximum savings It estimates your 10-year savings based on an inflation rate of 1.9% (the average inflation in Spain over the past 10 years)
  • It accounts for a slight and normal decline in the output of your solar panels over the next 10 years