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solar panel installers in Javea (Alicante)

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bev youngbev young
09:42 18 Feb 23
Amazing service from start to finish ⭐️. Panels installed very sympathetically and all wiring discreetly placed. Highly recommend Phil and his team, pleasure to deal with.
Nick de BoisNick de Bois
17:31 17 Feb 23
Very pleased with the installation of solar panels - Phil and his time met their promise and stuck to their timeline and budget. The added value was in the advice before proceeding, resulting in a very good solution for the location of the panels. We have had a good level of response to any follow-up matters and queries. As for ROI, early signs are that this investment is a good one but I will wait for at least a year of new costs from electricity supplier so I can measure savings accurately.. from our point of view we are very pleased with the project and delivery team.
Susan TocknellSusan Tocknell
17:00 17 Feb 23
Susan RedfordSusan Redford
16:36 17 Feb 23
Neil RodenNeil Roden
15:46 17 Feb 23
We were happy with the service from MiSolar. They were competitive on price and are very responsive to customer needs. They were easy to deal with and the installation was a very smooth process. Highly recommend .

misolar: helping save money on bills since 2016 

We started with an unexpected bill for €2,200. 

It was a single month’s water bill and the homeowner wasn’t even in Javea at the time! 

But he complained on social media and got 200 replies with others complaining of €7,000 monthly bills from water leaks!

We set up MiAgua in 2016 and installed smart devices that detected water leaks instantly – and saved people €1,000s. 

Then customers started asking: “Can you help us save money on electricity too?” 

The problem was, Spain repealed the ‘sun tax’ only in 2019.

It wasn’t clear how the feed-in tariffs would work.

But with the price of solar panels falling, the revolutionary ‘virtual battery’ coming on the market and a climate emergency we started installing in 2021. 

Our ethos is ‘making solar simple’.

We hope you’ll join us in making Alicante – the sunniest place in Europe – the solar leader it’s supposed to be!

Phil Bennett

Sebastian Ocasar
Sales and Marketing Manager

Get maximum savings with misolar

  • More energy

    We size your solar panel installation to cover your entire current consumption and help you design a system that sells to the grid so you pay near-zero bills each month.

  • Full advantage

    Our in-house legal team registers your system with your town hall for tax reductions, secures you an energy deal with the best providers for the lowest monthly bills and applies for grants on your behalf.

  • Saving you money

    Start saving money within 1-6 weeks of your solar installation going live and continue optimising your home electrics and energy system for maximum savings.

8 solar-powered solutions to get 

your bills to zero…

To get your bills to near-zero you need a solar energy system that’s fully optimised for your consumption.

MiSolar solar panel installers in Javea can help you maximise your savings with a solar panel installation and then further optimise your home electrics with energy-efficient and eco-friendly alternatives.

  • Solar panel installations

  • Solar batteries

  • High-efficiency and eco-friendly air conditioning

  • Electric hot water cylinders

  • Air source heat pumps

  • Variable speed pool pumps

  • Electric vehicle chargers

  • Virtual battery

Solution #1: Solar panel installation

Imagine not having to worry about the cost of energy to run your:

  • Air conditioning
  • Hot water
  • Swimming pool pump & heater
  • Electric car charger 
  • Any high-power electrical appliances you own


This can be achieved with a photovoltaic solar panel installation in Spain.

The solar installation can be fitted to your roof, a pergola or in your garden. 

Solar panels are connected by cables to a solar inverter in your home or business, which converts DC electricity into AC that can power your electrics or be sold to the grid.

You also need an energy metre to track your electricity production and your consumption from the grid.

All of the above can be installed with MiSolar.

Solution #2: Solar battery

Imagine being able to reduce to your bills down to €0 – even if you consume power from the grid at night.

Take a look at the screenshot from a client’s solar app.

The purple area shows a pool pump kicking in between 1am to 8am – the cost of this consumption could be reduced to €0 with the right size system and solar battery.

It’s not required to have one if your property is connect to the grid.

But if you have unavoidable night-time consumption, if your property is 100% off-grid or if you want the greenest energy possible then you should consider a solar battery.

MiSolar can consult on the best solar battery for you and take care of the installation.

Solution #3: Electric hot water cylinder

Most villas in Spain rely on butane gas bottles to provide hot water.

For a long time the only solar alternative were thermal solar panels or tubing (see thermal solar tubes at farthest end of the roof below).

But advances in photovoltaic solar panel output make it cost-effective to install an energy-efficient electric hot water cylinder. 

The benefits over solar thermal include:

  • No wasted energy (if your thermal solar panel heats up your water and it’s not used, then the panel sits in the sun without generating power)
  • No plumbing required
  • No specialised dual-cylinder solar thermal water tank needed


MiSolar can consult you on the best electric hot water cylinder for you and take care of the installation.

Solution #4: High-efficiency air conditioning

When you’re paying for electricity you might be careful about leaving your AC on too long.

But with a correctly sized solar panel installation, you can run your AC all day and still get near-zero bills.

We install high-efficiency AC units that use 70% or less of the power of conventional units that you can use to replace existing units or add to your home air-conditioning capability.

This helps you save money while staying cool.

MiSolar can consult you on the best air conditioning setup for you and take care of the installation.

Read more about solar power for air-conditioning here.

Solution #5: Air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps (ASHP) are more energy-efficient compared to traditional air conditioning systems.

How do ASHPs actually work?

They use a refrigerant that absorbs heat from the outside air and then is compressed to increase its temperature.

The heated refrigerant is transferred to indoor units where the heat is released into the space providing warmth – the reverse happens to transfer heat outside and cool your house down in summer.

Depending on your property and existing appliances an ASHP can be installed alongside a solar panel installation and reduce your bills to near-zero throughout the year.

MiSolar can consult you on the best air source heat pump setup for you and take care of the installation.

Read more about using an ASHP for solar pool heating here.

Solution #6: Variable speed pool pumps

Imagine being able to run your pool pump for 24 hours a day, constantly filtering your water, and using less energy than your current pump does in 6-8 hours.

No more guessing how long the pump should be run.

No more higher than planned electrical usage because you need to run the pool heater and the pump needs to run at the same time.

The pump is ultra quiet, has fully programmable timers, a boost button for cleaning and back washing, and will last longer than your normal AC pump.

This is now all possible with an inverter, variable speed pool pump from us.

Read more about variable speed pool pumps here.

Solution #7: Electric car charger (EV)

It is possible for you to charge your electric car at home with your own photovoltaic solar panels.

But you will need:

  • A correctly sized system to power both your electric car charger and provide power to the rest of the house
  • A carport or garage with enough space for an electric car charger (and the correct power output for the charger itself)
  • A solar battery to provide sufficient power on cloudy or winter days (if you want to avoid consuming power from the grid)


You should ask for a quote to get an idea of installation costs and correct sizing of your solar energy system.

MiSolar can consult you on the best electric car charger for you and take care of the installation.

Solution #8: Virtual battery

It’s possible in Spain to pay €0 per month while remaining connected to the grid.

This thanks to a 2022 legal breakthrough: the virtual battery.

Here’s what has changed:

  • No standing charges: feed-in tariffs come with standing charges costing of €200-€600 per year but the virtual battery lets you reduce any charges to €0 with excess solar power you ‘sell’ to the grid.
  • A better rate: virtual battery deals usually credit the kWh you ‘sell’ to the grid at a better rate than with feed-in tariffs.
  • A virtual wallet: if you reduce your bill to €0 then any extra kWh you ‘sell’ to the grid is stored in a virtual wallet as credit (in €) which you can use to pay bills in the future.


MiSolar can consult you on the best virtual battery deal for and switch you over (even if you don’t have an installation with us).

Read more about the virtual battery here.

A monthly bill for a solar panel producer in Spain on a virtual battery deal
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MiSolar currently installs solar panels in the Alicante north region surrounding Javea, from Benidorm up to Gandía.

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Where does MiSolar install solar panels?

MiSolar installs solar panels in and around Jávea.

We cover the entire Marina Alta region of the Costa Blanca north and we install from Gandía down to Benidorm.

Are solar panels worth it in Spain?

The virtual battery that entered the market in 2022 finally made it possible to pay €0 per month while staying connected to the grid in Spain. This has changed the game completely. 

It’s now possible to break even on a solar panel installation in as little as three years in Spain. But the real benefit is not just economic. It’s the ability to enjoy your home to the maximum without worrying about the cost of powering your electrics again.

Are solar panels cheaper in 2023?

The cost of solar panels has fallen -88% in the past 15 years. You can buy solar panels in 2023 for as little as €200-300 and achieve an output that would have cost €2,000-3,000 in 2010.

The low cost solar panels makes it more cost-effective than ever to invest in a home solar energy system. However, the actual cost of solar panels usually accounts for under 40% of the total installation.

In how many years will I break even on a solar installation in Spain?

The fastest break even we have seen in Spain is just 3 years.

This is possible with a correctly sized system, a favourable virtual battery deal and no solar battery to bring the total investment down. With a solar battery the break even usually comes in 4-7 years depending on the sizing of your system.

To see the estimated annual savings, the estimated breakeven and total accumulated savings over 25 years get a quote now.

Do I need a solar battery?

If your property is completely off-grid, then you need a battery or you will have no electricity after dark. 

If your property is on-grid, then you don’t need a solar battery. Any energy you consume after dark comes from the grid and you can off-set this cost by ‘selling’ your excess production during the day. If your system is correctly sized you can pay as little as €0 per month without a solar battery. 

A solar battery can be a significant investment. 

Consider buying one if:

  • you have high energy consumption at night
  • you want the greenest energy possible
  • you want to control your energy production as much as possible


MiSolar’s recommendation is to install a correctly sized system to cover your current consumption needs and wait a few years for the price of solar batteries to fall.

How are solar panels installed?

A solar installation can take 1-3 days. The installation process begins with a site visit to determine adequate roof space, orientation, tilt and connection to the home energy system.

The parts of a solar panel installation include:

  • Solar panels
  • Mounts and fittings 
  • Solar inverter
  • Energy metre  
  • Cabling and surge protection
  • Solar battery (if requested)


Once your installation is complete and the technician has connected it to your home AC electrics, you can start producing solar power. If your solar installer also takes care of securing the best energy deal (like MiSolar) then you should start seeing a reduction in your bills within 1-6 weeks.

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels for home electricity production are correctly called ‘photovoltaic solar panels’.

Photovoltaic or pv panels consist of long chains of individual pv cells each producing 1 or 2 watts of power. There are usually 60, 72 or 96 solar cells in a single panel. When the semiconductors in the pv cells are exposed to sunlight, they absorb it and generate an electrical current. 

Photovoltaic solar panels produce direct current (DC) electricity. This needs to be converted into alternating current (AC) electricity before you can use it to power home appliances or export it to the grid – this is the function of a solar inverter. 

To withstand the elements photovoltaic cells are protected by glass and plastics in the solar panel.

Which solar panels are best?

The explosion of the solar industry in Spain has created a competitive market for solar panels.

The best solar panels depend on a number of factors:

  • The power output rating (this ranges from 250W to 550W and impacts the amount of space you need, with higher output panels requiring fewer units)
  • The solar cell (these can be monocrystalline, polycrystalline or thin film and each come with pros and cons)
  • The lifespan of the panel (most solar panels have a lifespan of 25 years and come with warranties)
  • The efficiency (solar panels at their best can convert 15-23% of the solar energy they receive into electricity)


The best solar panel option is the one that aligns with your property and consumption needs. 

What are solar panels made of?

The photovoltaic solar cell is made up mostly of silicon – the second-most abundant element on earth after oxygen.

But solar cells only form part of the full solar panel.

The most common monocrystalline solar panels are made up of:

  • 76% glass
  • 10% plastic polymer
  • 8% aluminium 
  • 5% silicon
  • 1% copper 

Are solar panels good for the environment?

Just 3 solar panels can save 1 tonne of CO2 each year in Spain by avoiding consuming the same amount of power from the national energy grid. Overall, the net impact of solar panels is positive for the environment.

The negative impacts of solar panels are being reduced each year.

At present this includes:

  • Energy demand up-front to mine, manufacture and transport raw materials like quartz, aluminium, copper and glass
  • Chemicals needed to produce solar-grade silicon – depending on the manufacturer’s country of origin it can know the chemical disposal procedure
  • Recycling of old solar panels is not yet an issue in Spain but in the coming decades better infrastructure is needed to avoid e-waste and environmental issues

How do you say solar panels in Spanish?

The literal translation of solar panel is panel solar. However they are most commonly called placa solar in Spanish.

It is common in Spanish to refer to solar panels as paneles fotovoltaicos to differentiate photovoltaic solar panels from paneles solares térmicos or thermal solar panels.Solar power in Spanish is called energía solar.

Solar panel installers in Javea (Alicante)



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